Most of our clients consider life insurance when taking out a mortgage, yet many neglect to consider critical illness cover and the devastating effect one of these conditions could have on themselves and their family. During the term of your mortgage, statistically you are more likely to suffer a critical illness than pass away. Having the misfortune to be diagnosed with cancer, suffering a heart attack, or becoming permanently disabled would have a traumatising impact on anybody.

Critical illnesses can have a traumatic effect on not just yourself but your family. In some cases, you may have to seek new employment as you are no longer physically able to meet the demands of your previous role, you may have to make adaptations to your home or may struggle financially.

Insuring yourself against these dreadful illnesses is now a possibility with a select range of options for you to consider and meet your budget, providing a lump sum if the worst should happen to give you financial support in this time of need.

The Mortgage Family are committed to providing a full review for all your protection needs and talking you through the range of policies we can access for you.

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