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The government Help To Buy Scheme is a fantastic & innovative way of purchasing your new home.

You can apply to the government for assistance towards your deposit to purchase your home. You may be eligible for up to 20% equity loan to contribute towards your deposit. This would increase to 40% if you are purchasing inside London.

When utilizing the scheme, you need to have a minimum deposit of 5% yourself.

Below is an example of how the Help To Buy Scheme can work;

Purchase price – £100,000

Your 5% deposit – £5,000

The government Help to Buy equity loan (20%) – £20,000

Total deposit (25%) – £25,000

Mortgage amount (75%) – £75,000

Another fantastic benefit of this scheme is due to having a healthier deposit, you will then be able to benefit from lower interest rates on your mortgage!

Why not contact us today & explore this fantastic opportunity to assist you to getting onto the property ladder.

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